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Miniaturisation & Plastronics

The objective of Sirris’s SMALL-Lab is to develop miniature solutions that reduce the size and weight of products while enhancing their functionality. Plastronics, for example, incorporates plastics and electronics into ever smaller and lighter parts.

Sirris and Coris combine biotechnology and microfabrication

In late 2015, Coris BioConcept launched a new, fully-automated medical diagnostic platform – a sort of portable laboratory no bigger than an office computer. The sample taken from the patient is entered into the device on various fluidic chips depending on the types of analysis to be conducted. Coris called on Sirris's expertise in microfabrication to develop the biomedical analysis chip, which has microchannels measuring a fraction of a millimetre.

Thinner, higher-performance TV screens: TP Vision and Sirris rise to the challenge

As part of the Change2Micro project promoting the microprocessing of plastics in Flanders, TP Vision and its partners set themselves a challenge during the summer of 2015: to make a range of optoelectronic sensing features found in television sets four times more compact and unobtrusive fit for a sleek design. Developing a working prototype took just a few weeks.