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Turning followers into leaders

Whether big names or ambitious start-ups, hundreds of Belgian technology and ICT players benefited from our ICT and go-to-market projects KATALICT and VARIES in 2015.

Few sectors change as rapidly as ICT, and keeping up is no easy task. What’s more, developers of both software and software-intensive products face a growing complexity that can make smart innovation a real challenge. Sirris’s ICT experts offer tailored support and bring Belgian companies together in joint projects. Two of these came to an end in 2015: joint European R&D project VARIES and Belgian ICT project KATALICT, which accelerated development processes for both start-ups and established names.

“KATALICT had over 2,400 members and its workshops were attended by 4,600 people. It gave a huge boost to the Belgian ICT landscape.”

Projects in 2015

  • KATALICT: This two-year ICT project run by Sirris and Agoria ended in 2015. KATALICT assisted software developers with engineering, innovation and business, provided individual support and organised a raft of group events. Experiments with new methods and techniques such as growth hacking helped companies through their growth processes. The project clearly plugged a gap, as the statistics attest: 2,400  members, approximately 100 company visits, over 60 keynotes and workshops attended by 4,600 people… Many of the resulting insights were recorded by Sirris expert Omar Mohout in his book Het Belgische startuplandschap (The Belgian start-up landscape).
  • VARIES: How many variants of a software-based product should a company bring to market? And how does it manage those innovations efficiently? To answer these complex questions, Sirris launched a European project in 2012 with 23 partners from seven countries. Over the years, Sirris helped technology companies such as Barco, Dana, Macq and Softkinetic Sensors to take properly thought-through decisions about product variants. This in turn led to new insights concerning a better supply chain, shorter time-to-market and higher productivity. VARIES came to an end in 2015.

Which projects are we working on now?

  • Acceleratie: How to bring digital products to market more quickly? 
  • 10x your company: How to scale up your company once you’ve found a business model that works?
  • Variabiliteit: Managing diversity in a product portfolio.

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