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Advanced Manufacturing

Smart & Digital Factory

Smart factories manufacture in a flexible, cost-effective, high-quality and largely automated way. Sirris helps manufacturing companies to convert their conventional production systems into smart processes.

DiBO and Sirris halve trailer delivery time by applying QRM principles

Based in Arendonk, Antwerp, DiBO has been designing and building a range of cold- and hot-water high-pressure cleaners since 1978: from portable washers through to trailers and large washing systems. The firm, which originated in the Netherlands, also offers tailor-made products for various sectors, from shipping to industrial cleaning and the cleaning of building facades. Following an audit by Plan&Co, Sirris’s innovation scheme for SMEs, DiBO embarked on a new optimisation project in 2015. The initial focus was to improve the lead time on a specific trailer assembly line.

Fomeco introduces LWR in pipe processing operations

Zwevegem-based pipe processor Fomeco is always looking for ways to optimise its production process. The company wanted to know whether certain – hitherto manual – steps could be automated. Sirris examined the flow and used a test rig to investigate whether a lightweight robot could take over marking operations.

b-token and Sirris design more efficient production flow

Token manufacturer b-token, based in Retie, has grown exponentially in the past few years. However, production had struggled to keep pace, and delivery times were sometimes being missed. Sirris’s experts investigated exactly where the capacity problem lay and worked with b-token to design a new production flow.