ACUMEN 2021 focuses on current trends and themes

ACUMEN, Agoria's largest knowledge, inspiration and networking event has a new look after a fully digital edition in 2020: four days, more than 100 sessions, in a combination of digital and corona-safe 'live' sessions. People are more than ever longing to meet face-to-face again. Sirris is also contributing to this edition.

ACUMEN 2021 addresses anyone looking for insights and advice from experts on hot trends and topics in their field: human resources, general regulation, technical regulation and standardisation, innovation, sustainability, digital transformation, artificial intelligence and much more. Discover it all here.

Sirris sessions

Sirris will also provide part of the sessions:

Fostering digital innovation in the Brussels region: your opportunities
(by Ludwig De Locht and Wim Codenie) 

The latest edition of the Regional Innovation Scoreboard shows that the Brussels region is among the most innovative regions in Europe. In fact, the innovative performance of the region has only improved in recent years, outperforming other Belgian regions. The Brussels region is therefore the place to be for companies investing in digital innovation. Its thriving ecosystems support companies in achieving their digital ambition. Do you have a business located in Brussels and want to innovate? Then this session is for you!

How to innovate with smart products?
(by Pieter Beyl and Ludwig De Locht)

As a (start-up) builder of physical products, are you interested in smart products, but do you get stuck while working out your golden product idea? In this session, we will give you tips & tricks from the field to get your smart product innovation on the right track. From idea to industrialisation, we zoom in on the typical challenges and how you can accelerate and strengthen the development of your smart product.

The Belgian startup ecosystem 2021
(by Omar Mohout and Joke Dehond)

This session includes a state of the union of the Belgian and European start-up & scale-up ecosystem. Start-ups and scale-ups hold the proxy for validated innovation. The participants - anyone interested in using technology and innovation as a lever for (faster) growth - can count on guidance, perspective, insights and inspiration.

Production logistics
(by Filiep Vincent and Altachem)

As a manufacturer of small or large series, would you like to make your production run more efficiently? Partly it is about delivering the right parts to the right place at the right time. How to do that? This session provides examples of what you can achieve with modern tools to improve your production logistics. Within the field of production logistics, this session focuses on the optimisation and automation of internal transport. Besides a general view on the possibilities, advantages and points of attention of the deployment of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) by Sirris, you can expect a testimonial from Altachem, which will share its experiences from the implementation process of several AGVs and AMRs in recent months.

Operator support
(by Christophe Michiels)

Make your production more efficient as a manufacturer of small or large series? Part of it is about offering the right information to your employees at the right time in the right way. But how do you do that? This session explains the potential benefits of digital work instructions and gives an overview and examples of what you can achieve with modern tools to get the best out of your workers.

IP Pre-diagnostic: What, Why & How? 
(by Benoit Olbrechts and Meredith Van Dooren (Deloite))

Protection of intellectual property and related intangible assets is essential in the development of an SME, both to help secure its financing and to ensure its income over time. Nevertheless, it often appears that these intellectual assets (original know-how, concepts, trade names, etc.), which can be protected by legally enforceable rights, are not recognised as such within the company. Revealing these assets and identifying the most appropriate protection strategies is precisely the purpose of an IP prediagnosis. The performance of such a study is all the more important when the SME takes part in cooperation projects in the field of research and innovation. This presentation will cover the main protection tools available, the challenges and the possible avenues for conducting an IP pre-diagnosis.

How to approach cybersecurity in Industry 4.0 ?
(by Tatiana Galibus)

More and more small and medium-sized manufacturing companies are connecting their shopfloor, exposing legacy equipment, relying on their suppliers for remote maintenance and exchanging sensitive data with their partners. Are all these operations safe? According to our research, many SMEs do not see cybersecurity of such operations as a priority. But what if they become the target of a cyber attack? Without a recovery plan, their business can suffer enormous damage and the customer, who wants a reliable partner, drops out. In this session, we look at how to safely make the step to Industry 4.0.

Pragmatic application security for digital service builders
(by Tatiana Galibus)

More and more SMEs are developing digital services, writing software, creating apps, ... but are they secure? And what if you get questions about this from your customers? Questions of authentication, access to the back-end of cloud services you rent, setting up trust management, it can be treacherous, and the customer who wants a secure solution is turned away. This session focuses on an aspect that many SMEs do not prioritise: cybersecurity of the products, software and services they develop.

Sustainability & circular economy

In the context of circular economy, production and materials Sirris participates in several sessions:

  • Circulaire economie in de Vlaamse maakindustrie (with Thomas Vandenhaute)
  • Aan de slag met een circulair project: learning before earning (by Thomas Vandenhaute, Julien Amadou, Stefan Milis)
  • Remanufacturing: a route to value preservation (by Thomas Vandenhaute, Julien Amadou, Stefan Milis)
  • Wat betekent de Blue Deal in de praktijk?
  • Circular materials for a more resilient economy (by Thomas Vandenhaute, Julien Amadou, Stefan Milis)
  • De Grote Grondvraag - wat zijn mijn bodemverplichtingen? 

Live and online

Most sessions are online, but some sessions can also be attended in person: on Tuesdays at Bluepoint Antwerp and Bluepoint Liège, and on Thursday mornings at Bluepoint Brussels. These physical sessions are followed by a networking lunch or cocktail depending on the timing.

Thursday afternoon 21 October, this richly filled week will be concluded with the Acumen News, a special session in which a keynote, testimonials and live interviews alternate.

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